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GET CONNECTED @ Rockchip RKDC!2023 in Fuzhou China! 디렉터(director) 2023-02-13

Let's GET CONNECTED @ Rockchip RKDC!2023 in Fuzhou China!  Feb.23 - 24! Hope to meet you here!Focusing on Intelligent IoT,  Electric Vehicles, Industrial Applications, Machine Vision, Smart Office&Education, Medical Care, Consumer Electronics, Smart Hardware, etc.



[the 7th Rockchip Developer Conference]

//Intelligent IoT, covering Operator Applications, EV, Industrial Applications, Machine Vision, Smart Office & Education, Medical Care, Consumer Electronics, Smart Hardware…//

February 23-24, 2023Sheraton Hotel, Fuzhou, China

Rockchip collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate Internet of Things solutions simon.jeon 2020-04-20
Rockchip Solutions Supports Diversified Education Products simon.jeon 2020-04-20
Rockchip at CES2020: Technology Highlights of Tablet/Vision/Audio/OTT/IoT simon.jeon 2020-02-26
RockChip Releases RK2108 Smart Dock Solution, Turing an Android Tablet into a Smart Displa simon.jeon 2019-10-15
Powered by Rockchip Toybrick, Linaro launched two 96Boards SOM simon.jeon 2019-04-02
Rockchip RK3399 has passed AI chip evaluation by the AI Industry Alliance (AIIA) simon.jeon 2019-03-15
Embeddedworld 2019 Rockchip exhibits various SBC and SOM development boards simon.jeon 2019-03-15
MWC 2019 | Rockchip launched ALL-IN-ONE 3D Development Platform jointly with UNRE simon.jeon 2019-03-15
Rockchip released AIoT solution RK1808 with built-in high performance NPU at CES2019 simon.jeon 2019-01-09
Rockchip, Arm and OPEN AI LAB Jointly Launch First AI Development Platform simon.jeon 2018-09-18
Rockchip AI Solutions facilitate Multiform Commercial Applications simon.jeon 2018-08-23
RK3399 안면 인식 알고리즘 SDK 개발 가이드_V1.0 simon.jeon 2018-08-10
AI Computation Performance Improves and Rockchip Officially Launches Android 8.1 NNAPI SDK simon.jeon 2018-07-09
AI+VSLAM visual technology revolution, Rockchip helps in the industrial upgrading of the f simon.jeon 2018-06-04